Date: November 15

"In the wake of revelations that Barneys New York had engaged in racial profiling of black customers shopping at the store, Jay Z—who's releasing a holiday collection with the store on November 20—had previously issued a statement that basically amounted to "I'm looking into it." Later revelations found that the store had indeed changed their security policies, and as a result, disporportionately targeted black shoppers

Well, Hov has now weighed in on the matter, in a post to Life + Times. Basically, he's keeping the collection with Barneys, and it will launch as planned. 

But there are caveats. Jay brokered one hell of a deal:

- According to the press release, Jay's going to have a leadership role and a seat on a council "specifically convened to deal with the issue of racial profiling." 

- As opposed to the 25% of the proceeds Jay's charity was going to get from the collection, Jay negotiated a deal with Barneys where, now, 100% of the proceeds from the collection will now go to Jay's charity, The Shawn Carter Foundation.

- The Shawn Carter Foundation will also recieve 10% of all sales from Barneys New York and on November 20, when his collection drops.  

This sounds like the kind of deal one brokers when they have the opposing side in a sling. It's also savvy as hell. Jay wins on all sides of this—good press on one end, charity money on the other, and he gets a fashion line to go forward—but cynicism about Jay Z's motives aside, if all that money really is going to charity, and not, say, Barneys pockets, there are far worse outcomes." — Foster Kamer