Apparently, this week, there were other things that happened besides Drake's dad's cameo in the "Worst Behavior" video. Hard to believe, right? Well, it's true. And though Drake's dad's cameo might have been the most influential news event of this decade week, there were some fairly confusing, provocative, and hilarious events that transpired while the world's population was mentally replaying Drake's dad's cameo.

Take, for example, Drake's dad's cameo in "Worst Behavior," for which he lip-synched the words "Motherfuckers never loved us," while at the very same time looking like the man/icon/god/dad that warrants the audacity of having a mustache like the one that he carries, at all times, on the front of his face.

In all seriousness, there were other things that happened this week other than Drake's dad's cameo in Drake's music video for "Worst Behavior." What the hell were they, though?

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