Producer: Alchemist
Album: The Piece Maker

In the late '90s, Eminem was just a pure rhymer. His raps weren't particularly "meaningful," he hadn't totally developed his songwriting, and he didn't always have much subject matter, but he was a rapping machine who put words together effortlessly and told off-the-wall anecdotes. Every other rhyme saw him in some sort of a medical facility (this time he hits both the dentist's office and the hospital), taking a shitload of random drugs, and then spewing rhymes in barrages, "Collapsed, had a relapse and called three cabs/And had to be dragged, back to rehab, with bloody kneecaps." If you never heard this song before (it was a cut on Tony Touch's album so it was easy to miss unless you were a diehard Em fan) it's a treat for Em fans who always wished Em would just rap over more Alchemist beats. —Insanul Ahmed