Our latest EDMeme is one that's dear to our hearts: comments sections. We've seen a few of our own comments sections get hairy, but nothing compares to what goes down on YouTube, especially the UKF family of channels. There's nothing like the intense back and forth discussions/debates/flat-out arguments that some of these dubstep/dnb/drumstep enthusiasts have with each other... especially when people are more clueless than we realize. It's one thing to have a pretty knowledgeable person debating facts about the dubstep sound, but the lengths some of these followers go to to prove their "points" can be downright hilarious, and disturbing. So much so that they need some Jesus in their lives. Enter UKF Jesus, a Tumblr page which marries "real comments posted on UKF videos, accompanied by pictures of our Lord & Saviour." 'Nuff said, really. Check out some of our favorite UKF Jesus images, and make sure you're not like that.