UFO! is an O.G.  He's one of the first American drum & bass DJ/producers that ever got accepted by the UK scene.  He's as important to the overall development of that movement as he's quietly becoming an assassin in what's currently relevant.  I'm sure there's a good number of folks reading this that are up on his collaborations with Bro Safari.  The ten-track album they dropped together earlier this year is just jaw dropping on it's sonic assault and the sound design quality just isn't fair to anyone else trying to produce records right now.  UFO! is sneaking out some of his own tunes again and this tune from this past week continues to up the ante from his recent frantic brilliance that was "Culture Vulture." "Money Under Mount Runnin" is just as crazy.  It samples one of the greatest viral YouTube videos and flips it into something that's as awesome as it is relatively impossible to pin down on exactly what it is.  Is it kuduro?  Is it bubblin?  Is it trap?  I don't freaking know.  I definitely know it's about as dope as anything out right now though.