The smooth piano intro on this track invites you in, afternoon tea with the neighbors. Trust me, you'll want two lumps of that "Suga Suga" to go in your tea as well. This remix of an old Baby Bash song moves the pace of an old R&B tune, soulful mood music at a slowed down tempo so you can groove with it. The vocals are also slowed with added effect that makes this track an entirely new song, only holding on to the melody of the song.

The sultry, chilled out flavor of this song isn't too far astray from the music produced by Manila Killa, named for the city he reps hard, and his country of origin, the Philippines. Currently residing in Washington, D.C., he makes music that will make you feel things, as he so eloquently put it. This collaboration with AOBeats, a producer out of New England, is sure to make you feel some type of way. A good way. It is a sexy, feel-good contrast from all the twerk music out there. Grab a glass of wine, curl up by the fire, and enjoy.