Dissing: Ramones guitarist Johnny Ramone
Rap song equivalent: Jay Z feat. Missy Elliott, "Is That Yo Bitch" (1999)

Black Flag dissed their former singer. Johnny Thunders got ex-Sex Pistols to help him diss Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten. But only the Ramones, punk pioneers that they were, ever dissed their own current guitarist—and got the guitarist to play on that very track.

Much of the genius of the Ramones lies in the duality between singer Joey and guitarist Johnny. Joey was politically liberal; Johnny was politically conservative. Joey suffered from OCD; Johnny was the band dictator. Joey was the frontman; Johnny wrote the music. But then Johnny took the internal rivalry too far, and did something that violated the Ramones' brotherly image: he stole Joey's girlfriend, and even wifed her.

Joey's response is probably the greatest subliminal diss in the history of punk rock. The Jewish Joey told a story about how the Ku Klux Klan abducted his girlfriend and stashed her in an undisclosed location, implying rape and possibly murder. Twisting the knife, the intro and chorus used the Ramones' trademark hey-ho chant, which in context feels like Joey putting the betrayal of the band's fellowship right out in the open. Even if you factored out the backstory, "The KKK Took My Baby Away" is one of the Ramones' better songs—and it facilitated the estrangement of the two band leaders that lasted until the Ramones' 1996 breakup.

Johnny went to his grave in 2004 never having forgiven Joey. "I wouldn't want him coming to my funeral, and I wouldn't want to hear from him if I were dying," he told Rolling Stone in his final interview with the magazine that year.

Yup. That's about how you would feel if you were tricked into playing on a song devoted to revealing what an asshole you were.