It never hurts to show creative reverence to a genre's past–particularly when it's a history that weighs as heavily on the current sound of said genre as that of deep house. While it's fine to make atmospheric, soul-inspired, 128 BPM floor-fillers, it's equally important to acknowledge that a lot of deep house hasn't changed particularly drastically from past iterations. Often, a seeming lack of evolution comes with very good reason: The combination of soulful vocals, persistent beats, and thick bass is a euphoric one unparalleled in other genres (at very least for fans).

Grabbing Julie McKnight's vocals from Louie Vega's house classic "Diamond Life," Denver producer option4 crafts an enjoyable six minutes, an homage to floor-fillers past that manages to fit nicely into the modern house landscape and do justice to its stellar source material. It's a reminder of great songs past that doesn't get stuck in yesterday, tethering past to present while keeping things moving. Give it a listen below.