While the rest of the U.S. is freezing their asses off, Florida keeps cranking out the heat temperature-wise (sorry we’re not sorry) and with producers who constantly pump out the hottest tunes to please the aural senses while you debate whether or not the extra pair of long johns are needed. Miami-based O'Grime perfectly demonstrates this with the release of their B.A.N.D. EP. The duo comprised of Niko Javan and L.Rey created a three-track EP featuring Lofty305 and DJA and they themselves describe their music as “a new progressive sound, fusing elements of hip-hop, eerie bass, and wholehearted yoppin'.” I’m not sure how it ties into their sound, but if you’re feeling adventurous I triple dog dare you to look up "yoppin'"on Urban Dictionary, +1000 points in your general direction if you can convince your girl to actually do it, but don’t get your hopes up. Either way they definitely deliver the nonconventional, eerie, off-the-beaten-path trap that makes this duo stand out, & if that’s not enough they even included a “WTF” animated video for our pure enjoyment. Maybe the video doesn’t help stop that misconception that Floridians are crazy, but admit it, you kind of love the crazy, don’t you? It’s entertaining and this EP is no exception, listen and see for yourself.

(Mad Decent)