Date: December 2009

No, this wasn't Snoop's first time on Martha Stewart's show (and certainly only one of his many, many appearances on daytime shows). He had previousy stopped by in 2008 and helped make mashed potatoes. Though he was charming as ever that time, it was way funnier watching him make brownies with Martha the next year, sneaking in a series of weed references (like asking, "Why not bake them at 420 degrees?"), which may or may not have gone over Martha's head. 

The second time around, memes were starting to take off on the Internet, and his appearance birthed this classic. Sadly, it's factually inaccurate. Snoop was convicted of felony possession of drugs and possession for sale in 1990. Eh, nevermind. Point is, Martha Stewart keeps it gangster. And that's what really matters. —Insanul Ahmed