How do you attract women, if that's what you're into? Here's one trick: Be E-40, Juicy J or Ty Dolla $ign. Also, should you attract them, don't bring them around any of those guys. Because when someone can, after 20 years of comparable brilliance, still whip out legendary lines like "Some gold on my body/out my body on Carlos Rossi/I'm sloppy/I treat my luxury scraper like a Bugatti," let's be frank: You don't have a chance.

That's just part of what E-40's "Chitty Bang," a League of Starz-produced track off the upcoming The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil 4, has to offer. Juicy J also lands some amazing punchlines, and Dolla $ign's hook is, true to form, perfectly debauched. But, as always, it's the endlessly entertaining 40 Water's show, and he doesn't disappoint.

Find out which hotel room the party's in and check the song out below. The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil 4 is out December 10.

[via Young California]

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