"Screw, we gonna dedicate this to Pat Lemmon, man. Everyone here, mourning ya." A friend of Screw and Fat Pat, known for cracking trunk in his Lincoln with "SOUTHSIDE HOLDIN" in the neons, Pat Lemmon was in the house for the making of a lot of the early tapes. So Screw and Fat Pat flipped the neon slogan for the title of this first RIP tape. (A second, All About Pat, came out a few months later).

This tape is a whole other thing from the full-house freestyle sessions—the slowed-down funk capturing a sad, mournful tone that would come to run through much of Screw's music. Pat delivers a eulogy for Lemmon, while Screw rolls out 'Pac and Above the Law, UGK's "One Day," Richie Rich's "Do G'z Get 2 Go 2 Heaven," Born 2wice's "Heaven 4 a G."

"We still pull the Lincoln down."

"Got to, baby."

"Trunk wide open."

"We love you, baby."

And Spice 1's voice scratched under them: "I know I won't live forever."