"Drank been dry for about a week or two now..."

Off the codeine, razorblading Swishers at Screw house, Pat and Keke with Dave and Boo doing backup offers a general lesson on the aesthetic of the Screw tape freestyle, the formula of routines and constructions: The "I'm comin' down" shit, the North-South rivalry, the yellowbones-in-Yellowstone, the starchy clothes and sipping pints, dropping tops, rolling out on 84s.

But listening deeper, the formal constraints force guys like Pat to come up with a new way to flip a certain line, a new way to say "I was chopping down the boulevard looking fresh," and you get perfection of a relatively narrow method. The limited content leads a microscopic approach to the Southside quotidian, trying to approach precision in description, ever looking for a new detail to note. Not just mentioning the purr of a Cadillac motor, but noting displacement and timbre, not just sitting on chrome but sitting on 84s with custom vogues, going on to describe the poke and the spokes, a sensual experience, where you can feel the Styrofoam beading condensation and smell the sweet Swisher smoke. 

No Drank is vintage mid-period Screw, when the gang was still healthy and hungry and everyone sounds indefatigable and smartass. (Perhaps due, at least in part, to the lack of prescription depressants).