"It's that Big Moe in here with that boy D-Mo on his b-day..." Another tape that catches the atmosphere at Screw's place. Judging by the mid-tape roll call, those in attendance included Big Moe, D-Mo, Haircut Joe, Key-C, Big Pokey, Yungstar, Mike D, Clay Doe, Pooh. And the list of shouts that goes out to people "on lock" runs to a dozen and includes Keke and ESG. Everyone's crammed in, passing the mic while Screw chops records. The thirty-eight minute freestyle is a classic, a loose bull session hosted by Big Moe, who hooksangs introductions for everyone as they step up. All the players shine, but the track is a showcase for Big Pokey and Yungstar's wildly different styles.

One of the hardest that ever picked up a mic at Screw's house, Pokey has a deliberate, declamatory flow, no hesitation. So even if it's off the dome, there's no hint of seams or awkward transitions as he runs through routines. Running "trunk-waved and corner-paid" to "fucking hoes" in his room. With the transition of the Paul Wall-sample: "Sitting sideways, boys in a daze/On a Sunday night I might bang me some Maze/Maybe O'Jays, hoes be goin crazy."

And Yungstar destroys it like Flip would do a couple years later on Southside Still Holdin, rolling his weedy voice around in the mix, sometimes laying back into the beat and going straightforward and sometimes singing against the beat, bringing a rare goofy humor to his flow that fits in with the vibe of the tape.

Apart from the freestyle, the tape features "Crossroads" slowed to a blurry, moaning mess. And Botany Boys' rock-hard "Survivin' the Game," straight Street Military-style realness that sounds like it was made specifically for Screw to manipulate, and a Steel Pulse track slowed to sick lovers-rock tempo, chopped mercilessly and slid into a Pac's "High 'Til I Die."