This whole Avicii True situation in 2013 has been damn interesting. For a guy who many lambasted for his use of kazoos at the Ultra Music Festival, has been murdering the Adult Alternative Billboard chart, and is up for an American Music Award, he's doing everything he can to showcase how far EDM can go into the mainstream. What ends up happening is that the EDM he creates isn't what people are expecting. Take "Hey Brother," which isn't un-EDM or whatever you'd want to put on it, but hearing this track, you can understand why those who flock to Adult Alternative radio stations would be rocking to this. That's the beauty of remixes, though; over the weekend Pete Tong premiered Syn Cole's "Hey Brother" remix, which makes sure to spice this up for the electro house crowd while still maintaining the "oomph" that those vocals provide. We have a feeling that there's a great True remix album brewing. Well, maybe "great" isn't the word, but one that'll give those who were upset about the direction Avicii something to cheer for.