There's no argument when it comes to 2Pac's legacy. He sits at the top of hip-hop's Mount Rushmore through his influential catalog of music and explosive lyricism that was enriched by his glowing attitude. The West Coast rappers' life was tragically cut short at the young age of 25, but not before he made his mark. Not before he left a lasting impression that generations from now will celebrate. 

However, we forget that at one point in his career 2Pac was just another struggling act with nothing but his own confidence to feed off of. The image above has recently surfaced online. It's reportedly 2Pac's very first business card which he made in the early '90s. It's about as plain as a card can get stylistically with a dull music logo placed at the top left. The best part about his business card though is the information right smack in the center. The Lyrical Lunatic. New Afrikan Panthers, National Chairman. It's wildly outlandish, yet it exudes exactly who 2Pac was. A man with a plan, and he wasn't stopping until he achieved his goals. Lyrical Lunatic? He most certainly became one. The New Afrikan Panthers national chairman? Pac was indeed a leading voice who exposed the injustices of America through his music.

Watch the video below where a former associate of Pac shares some details on the business card.

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