Major Lazer's "Bumaye" was an undeniable dance floor success in 2013. However, insofar as moving forward, it may be time for moombahton - arguably the cradle of creativity for the EDM scene's next top producers - to consider looking to more radio friendly material to take the genre to the next level. Yes, there are those who would be absolutely, 100% correct in saying that moombahton is far better experienced in a sweaty nightclub than in a Top 40 format. However, if one were to take a trip down memory lane to the era where Brill Building songwriters dominated the pop charts with soulful pop ballads, there are a few gems from that era that could stand the test of time and be updated into pop hits meeting the zeitgeist of 2014.

What is the Brill Building, you ask? Well, not too far from Times Square and Broadway in New York City (1619 Broardway to be exact) there is an 11-story building with an ornately decorated gold door. By 1962, within this building were not just the preeminent singers and songwriters of the era, but also publishers, printers, advance promoters for radio and studio services for the purpose of cutting tracks often written earlier that day. However, the building was not just a building, it spawned a vibe and style that influenced not just song writing in New York, but later Los Angeles, and eventually worldwide.

From Burt Bacharach and Hal David to Carole King and Gerry Goffin to Leiber and Stoller, Sonny Bono, Neil Diamond, Paul Simon, Phil Spector, and so many more, the level of talent for pop songwriting, production, marketing and development at one place at one time was incredible. Without exaggeration, the talent housed within the building in that era likely has written, produced or performed on easily 1000 top 40 songs over the past 50 years. Thus, in an era wherein EDM is looking for hit songs in order to secure the continuance of its US pop domination - and moombahton (along with other tropical and Afro/Latino-based styles including zouk bass, twerk, 3ball and more) have an incredibly quirky, ear-worming and potentially fresh pop sound, there's a wealth of material that from a songwriting and production standpoint have immense potential.

In order to lead you, the reader, down the rabbit hole of moombah-worthy classic pop, here are five legendary songs of or inspired by the "Brill Building" era of classic pop that would be ideal for remixing and likely tremendous pop potential in the current era.