Surely you have heard the song, seen the video. The song is currently at no. 6 on Billboard's Hot 100. The video has been viewed 141 million times. It has made a pair of Norwegian comedians famous worldwide. It is "The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)" The comedian team is called Ylvis. (Pronounced "Illvis..." Which, come to think of it, a white rapper from Memphis should have used that one first.) It seems the world might have a 2013 "Gangnam Style" on its hands.

Speaking of hands, you know who is nice with his? As in clenching them into fists and fighting with them? And also nice with mic devices? You know who is maybe the very definition of fight-rapping, in fact? Of course you do. It's golden-era Long Island rapper Freddie Foxxx. That's "Strong Island" if you're like Freddie. And if you're like him, no one need wonder what you say. Because you say it loud, real loud, and right to their face.

Because your not the cuddly type and you're not gonna sneak around and hide in some stupid forrest.

Anyway, with all the fuss over what foxes says thes days, we figured it might be a good time to give you a reminder, or, if you're just a young kit, and you haven't yet had your proper rap schooling, an introduction to the wonderful verbiage of one of vintage hip-hop's great ones. Here is What Does Freddie Foxxx Say? Perk up those ears!   

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