Now more than ever, the playing field is far from level. If you’re trying to get ahead, those with the ability to write huge checks seem to prevail. We know it isn’t fair, but it is reality, and those who have talent are forever suffering due to their inability to even get their foot in the door. In an effort to show the youth in the inner city that they can have their voices heard, the UIH Platinum Kids project has been born. Combining the efforts of UIH Family Partners, famed videographer Jason Ano, the Mary Owen Borden Foundation, and YOU awesome producers out there, these kids can be afforded the ability to make a difference and have a lot of fun doing it.

UIH Family Partners is an organization that’s been in operation since 1859. Started by a group of concerned women (who were a union of the Trenton-area churches), UIH Family Partners is a nonprofit that’s concerned with the welfare of children, with an interest in more contemporary ways and means. Jason Ano has some huge credits to his name, with his work with Skrillex (on the “Rock n Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain” video) and A$AP Rocky’s “Purple Swag” clip, as well as his photography and documentary work, has set him a cut above your normal videographer. The Mary Owen Borden Foundation has been in operation since 1934, started by Bertram H. Borden to honor his dearly departed wife. Years have been spent with the Mary Owen Borden Foundation funding everything from the Mary Owen Borden wing of the Monmouth Medical Center to the John C. Borden auditorium at the Manhattan School of Music, with their recent focus being on funding activities in New Jersey’s Mercer and Monmouth charities, with a focus on disadvantaged youths and their families.

We present all of that information to let you know that this comes from a place of care, with entities that mean well and have provided for years.

With the UIH Platinum Kids project, youth in the city of Trenton, NJ will be able to experience working with high quality equipment in the hopes of getting their dreams out. Working with Jason Ano, these kids will be able to work on a special video project, but they need music to soundtrack it… which is where YOU, the producer comes in.

Starting today (October 17, 2013), UIH will be accepting submissions for sample-free music to The grand prize? $500 to the winning composer, along with the admiration of a group of talented kids. $250 will go to each runner up, and the kids will ultimately decide the winner. Make sure to have your submissions in by October 26, 2013, with your information clearly marked in the email. UIH is asking for these files to be in MP3 format, which you can submitvia Mediafire link, private SoundCloud link, or attached to the email. Please make sure your MP3s files are clearly marked with your name and UIH Platinum Kids submission in them.

Good luck, and go you. This is an awesome project that, while not bringing loads of dollars to your life, will enrich you in other ways.