Last week, a preview for Hotel Rooms, the forthcoming release from Tyson Illingsworth, better known as TyDi, was posted to his SoundCloud. It is 2:16 seconds representative of the 25-track album that comes out on November 22. This small window gives us a glimpse at the sweeping, magnificent vocals, orchestral sounds of strings strummed and plucked, deep percussion that sounds like that of a marching band or war signal, and soft piano keys that all move in and out as if they were breathing together as one life force.

tyDi intend this album will be a proper reflection of life, specifically his life on the road the last few years, as he has traveled most of his recent life. He relocated from Australia to Los Angeles, and spends countless hours touring around the world. This album is an attempt to capture those moments - a soundtrack of airplanes and hotels, the story of his travels told through his unique and beautiful, genre bending sound: "With this album, I bring 25 songs that I hope will capture your hearts, imaginations, and take you to places far away from here. It's for those cold nights at home away from the clubs - or for me personally, the seemingly endless nights on planes, and living alone in hotel rooms during my world touring. With songs like this I don't need to simplify or reduce the intellectual content just so it's more accessible to the majority. The album includes some of my more known chill pieces like 'Ariana', 'Her Lullaby' and 'The Moment it Breaks', but there's also a huge amount of brand new pieces that you will have never heard before." This album is a fusion of electronica, chill, orchestral and ambient music, all of which can be heard even in the preview which is just over two minutes.

tyDi has also recently released "Gravity," the first track from Hotel Rooms. It is as intense and powerful as the description above, and I can hardly wait for the rest of this album. Tyson Illingsworth's music is touching, as is his passion for life and science which comes through not only in his sound, but in some of the stories of his travels. There is more to come on all of this but for now, a quote from TyDi on his album, and the preview, just over two minutes in length of what will prove to be an intensely amazing work, Hotel Rooms.