The history of rap selfies isn't a long one. (Rap is only, what, 35 years old or so. And photography itself is just 174.) And the history of posting things on the web is even shorter. Hell, Instagram is only three years old this month. Weird right? It seems like rap selfies have been a prominent part of our culture forever. This is probably due to the fact that rappers like to take pictures of themselves and put them on the Internet so much. (Not just rappers like to do this.) A casual scroll through your Instagram feed or Twitter timeline will reveal that rappers like to look at themselves probably even more than you even do.

From selfies with other celebs, to selfies with their kids, or even forced selfies with their girlfriends, our hip-hop heroes are intent on documenting their every waking moment. So we've compiled a gallery of what we are almost sure (not actually that sure) are The 50 Best Selfies In Rap History (can you imagine trying to find every rap selfie every taken, ever?) So you can see your favorite rappers the way they see themselves. (And, sometimes even better, see the captions they write beneath their mugs. When they write captions beneath their mugs.)

Remember the thing about how the mirror reverses the image. Take that into consideration when you're making sure you get your "good side."

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