If you've been following DAD since day one, you know we love to talk about the intersection of hip-hop and electronic music every time we get a chance. To that end, we're thrilled to clue you into Team Supreme. A brainchild of Preston James and Great Dane, Team Supreme is a Los Angeles-based collective pushing a particularly soulful and '90s-inspired electronically-revitalized style of boom-bap beats, jazzy hip-hop instrumentals, and r&b soul jamz. These aren't just contemporary takes on old tricks, but rather a much more three-dimensional, atmospheric and, perhaps to some ultimately emotive style of beat music. The distinctively electronic, bass-infused take on 90's hip-hop is refreshing and perfect for anyone getting tired of "trap" beats and looking to test their own limits. Some of it is perfect for that fall porch lounge, or that late nightcap soundtrack or that morning stroll. This music isn't for one sect of life, but a lifestyle. The community around the music reflects this as the crop of producers involve take in a range of influences including English acid house as much as it does Brandy and TLC. If there is one thing clear about this beyond any judgements of quality, it's that this isn't trap at all.

Team Supreme delivers these beats through a weekly beat cypher.  A producer-centric take on the time-tested freestyle cypher format, the premise is simple:  every week a different producer picks two samples and a BPM. The files get passed around, and everybody uses the guidelines to make a beat with the cyphers dropping every Tuesday at 11AM.  With 80 editions to date, Team Supreme has had cuts from Penthouse Penthouse of course, as well as Mr. Carmack, Djemba Djemba, Louis Futon, Nalepa, King Henry, Madeaux, Vonzie, Kenny Segal, Colta, and many more incredible talents.  To say these guys are doing something right is just a massive understatement.  Their distinctly electronic re-interpretations of classically American music are at times, hip-shakingly groovy and others, just stunningly beautiful.

Though the collective has also made three full releases, but just by diving into the different cyphers, or starting with the latest (Team Supreme #80), you'll quickly understand the magic here.