We've got our eye on River Tiber. His production style is unique, and his vibe is so refreshing. His records are so far removed from everything that's popular, and produced masterfully. We gave you all a heads up on his single "The Star Falls" a couple of weeks ago, and marveled at the sound design and delivery. Instead of finding like-minded producers to remix his work, he reached out to KwikFiks to speed things up a little bit.

KwikFiks is a deep house and bass guru from Toronto that seems to be stacking releases. Coming out of the gate a year ago with a few bangers, he's slowed down in the past six months, only releasing one original and this remix for River Tiber. The funky garage vibes are the foundation of this sexy house tune. Our sincere thanks to KwikFiks, River Tiber, and Biz 3 for the premiere of this beautiful downloadable record.

River Tiber's The Star Falls EP will be out on November 19, with the full-length album Synapses following.