This never made any sense to us. Alchemist is Eminem's damn tour DJ which means they're around each other all the time. But for whatever reason, Em never felt compelled to rap over ALC's beats. In recent years, Alchemist has unleashed his vaults and produced more songs than he ever did before, including complete projects with guys like Curren$y, Action Bronson, and Domo Genesis (he also has an upcoming project with Boldy James).

So why not put the two together for some super lyrical fun word salad rap? We'd love to hear Em just black out over Al's instrumentals. We just hope it sounds more like this awesome Eminem freestyle where he rhymes over the Alchemist produced Slaughterhouse cut "Microphone," and not like the one time Em actually rapped over Em's beat, "Chemical Warfare." Because, according to Alchemist, that one ended with Em telling Al, "Yo my bad, I had to give you one of the accent joints for your album." — Insanul Ahmed

What it might sound like (skip to the three minute mark)