Rick Rubin has had a pretty big year. He helped Kanye West realize his vision for Yeezus, he helped Eminem get his mojo back for "Berzerk" (who knows what else he can bring out of Em on MMLP2), and he slept on Jay Z's couch. For years, Rubin has been in the business of helping superstar acts like Johnny Cash get their swagger back. So why not help out 50 Cent? For one, 50 sure could use a damn hit. More importantly, in his prime 50 had a close relationship with luminaries like Dr. Dre, so Rubin is as good a replacement for Dre as we can think of. 50 has proven to be an extremely hard worker when he's motivated, let's get Rubin to get him motivated. All 50 has to do is ask Em for Rubin's phone number. — Insanul Ahmed

What it might sound like (except it would be 50 and not Em rapping, duh)