Website: Noisey
Twitter: @DrewMillard
Favorite Rapper: Cam'ron

There's pretty much no way a music blogger can answer the question of who their favorite anything is without looking like either a tryhard or a dweeb. So I might as well go with the ultimate tryhard dweeb option and announce to the world that my favorite rapper is Cam'ron.

Killa is an underdog. He's a weirdo who doesn't seem to give a shit about anything other than appealing to himself. Whether that means rolling around in a stretch limo in his boxers or taking time off to take care of his mom or making a movie that could be described as "accidental Dogme 95" or, like, making some of the greatest music of all time, that seems to follow a logic only germane to itself.

His self-evident greatness is such a pillar of my worldview that I can't comprehend a person who says they wouldn't like him. There's only so much I can do to communicate why Cam'ron is the best other than, like, forcibly shaking people who say they don't fuck with him.