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Favorite Rapper: 2Pac

2Pac is the undisputed G.O.A.T. During his short life, he was the most charismatic, entertaining, polarizing, and enigmatic rapper on the planet. He's had more influence than any other rapper in the history of hip-hop. His presence is still felt and he's still emulated some 17 years after his death. Styles have changed, popular rappers have played musical chairs, and most of his peers have burned out—but Pac's presence still looms. Hell, Kanye proclaimed he was Pac just last week. All rappers hope to attain his level of greatness.

Just about every rapper now follows the Pac blueprint: record, record, record. Wayne capitalized on it. Pac was able to find the balance between making hits and thought-provoking socially conscious music. No one compares.

The weird thing is, at some point the hip-hop media peanut gallery began to turn on Pac, claiming he wasn't a great rapper and was a bit of a false prophet. I still find that odd. But despite what critics may say about Pac and his skills, he's still the people's champ. He's still getting magazine covers in 2013. Enough said.