Definition: Beef As Career Move
Example(s): 50 Cent vs. Ja Rule, Tip vs. Flip, Benzino v. Eminem

Rap is a hustle and there's no bigger money maker than the strategic rap beef. If an up-and-coming rapper decides he's not getting the attention he deserves, he can either keep at his obscure, frustrating grind or, hey, call-out someone more famous in public! The competitiveness is a win-win for rap fans. They get the entertainment that comes from beef and the rapper who made the move will likely get a larger fan base. 50 Cent is the best example of the strategic rap beef. Every move he's made in terms of beef has helped his career and today he's worth over $200 million. The strategic beef could also backfire, though. Just think about what Eminem did to Benzino.