What's Beef? The 10 Types of Rap Beef Image via Getty Images/Dave Kotinsky

Shotgun Beef

Definition: Indiscriminatly starting Beef With the Whole World
Example(s): 50 Cent f/ Madd Rapper "How to Rob" (1999), Gucci Mane during September 2013

One time I got in the car with my mom and little sister and my grandmother for a four-hour drive to Boston for Thanksgiving, and the first thing I said was, "Nobody better talk to me for the rest of the trip." We all have days like this. The little storm cloud hovering over your head. Just like, "You know what? Fuck everybody." But if you're a rapper, you can go into the studio and just starting blasting at everyone whose name can think of something to rhyme with. Or get on Twitter and air out the dirty laundry of everyone you've ever been friends with. This might be in the three days prior to your album release, in which case it would also be...

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