Detroit rapper Quelle Chris has been building substantial buzz with his offbeat aesthetic, clever lyricism and versatile but laid-back production talents, and "Super Fuck," his ode to the physical fitness potential of getting down, is a magnum opus on all three counts. Pairing its spare, funky beat with ridiculously over-the-top metaphors ("what a plate/make me wanna Yelp that/shit is great") and bird call ad libs, the song embraces the idea of sex with gleeful abandon and pitch-perfect energy.

The video is even better. Directed and animated in slow, lively coloring book style by Ewen Farr, it's equal parts hilariously literal ("in between her legs doing pushups") and totally absurd (did you catch that drinking straw on TV being all symbolic?). It's the kind of refreshingly stupid (in a "Ren and Stimpy" kind of way) take on its subject matter that's pretty much endlessly fun to watch, especially if you're into mildly titillating crayon drawings of really weird sex metaphors and/or parrots.

"Super Fuck" is off of Quelle's upcoming album Ghost at the Finish Line, which is due out October 29. Check out the video above.

[via NahRight]

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