Date: October 10
Grade: B-

Sean Falyon is certainly everywhere. The Philadelphia-bred Atlanta transplant knows how to show his face and get his music out there on an independent level. Part of this is the attention he pays to detail. Sure, this is really just a "Pound Cake" freestyle, but Falyon creates his own artwork for the song. At the bottom of the cover, it reads "Never Was To Shave," reminding people that his Philly roots make him a member of "Beard Gang" for life.

The song itself does a couple of interesting things. He calls out industry veteran Al Lindstrom for not believing that he was ready to make it, and even splits his rhymes into two verses as opposed to just going in with one freestyle verse. That being said, there is some personality in Falyon's voice and pretty decent flow, but outside of that, it's not really doing too much. And the break in-between his verses is just him saying, "You gotta get it, yep, you gotta get it." — Dharmic X