When you hit milestones, you have to mark them properly. Having your 150th vinyl release? How many producers can make that claim? Drumfunk auteur Paradox can, and is celebrating his 150th vinyl release in style. On his own Paradox Music imprint, the next single "Jupiter 89" / "I Led You" will be a limited-edition run, and you're in for a real treat. "Jupiter 89" has some deep sub bass vibing underneath some wicked breakbeat work; it feels like he flipped some proper jazz drumwork in style. On the AA-side, "I Led You," we get more rugged, with that sinister tinge added to the bass, peppering those aggressive drums perfectly. Instead of adding all kinds of crazy chord-changes and hysterics to his mix, Paradox stays true to the name of the genre: drum and bass. Eerie samples and FX are added, but really the emphasis is on what it should be: those precision-cut drums and that humungous bass.

For this special 150th vinyl release of his, Paradox has given collectors a true treat: limited to 150 pieces, this special heavyweight 180 gram vinyl single is cut on red and gold vinyl, with a matching red and gold die-cut vinyl Paradox Music logo jackets to match. You even get a special 150th limited-edition mug. Get your pre-orders in today, as these will be released on October 14. If you've lived to Paradox's music, you know how important he is to the drum & bass scene, as well as how important his work has been for breakbeat culture. Get your mittens on this today.