Let’s be honest: There are more than a few labels that exist because their owners couldn’t figure out how to pop as artists. We love them because they’re being operated by educated musicians with trained ears. But CEO and founder at DUSTLA Damian Kotwica is a different breed. His label releases incredible records, and he’s a phenomenal producer. And for no real reason, he just released his entire discography.

This honestly wouldn’t be a huge event if these records weren’t insane, or produced under a half dozen aliases, or if this wasn’t 78 tracks spanning several genres. The set is nearly seven hours long. My jaw dropped when I saw this playlist go up, and I had to reach out to the label to figure this one out. And as the main source of income for a label is, well, selling records, we were baffled at the move to give an entire catalog away for free.

There was no tweet in regards to this. No newsletter announcing this massive release. Nobody at the label sent me an email. I just randomly caught it on SoundCloud. As I’m typing this, none of the tracks are over 500 plays. Kotwica’s only request is that “If you like everything you hear, take a second to check out my label.” Nuts. Happy Monday.