Lunice, one half of the production duo TNGHT that worked on Kanye West's "Blood On The Leaves," says working with Ye inspired faith in his own creative vision. The Canadian DJ/producer who paired up with Hudson Mohawke to become TNGHT tells, "It was simple, it was straightforward and it was creative."

He talks about how watching someone like Kanye demand creative control sends an important message to artists in the hip-hop world. "He understands it and sees it the same way we do as a collective. It’s not just me," he said. "I could name a lot of homies who feel the same way, and to know that he thinks the same way we do is reassuring to our community in a way."

For him, it's always been rap, and always will be.  "I come from a hip-hop background, the hip-hop culture," he said. "I’ve done break-dancing, graffiti, scratching, beat boxing, and all those elements brought me to production. If people don’t feel like it’s rap, that’s cool." 

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