Toward the end of last year, Lorde released her debut EP The Love Club, a five-track introduction as to whom Lorde really is. "Royals" was included on the work, along with songs like the catchy "Bravado" and the title track which sounds like the antithesis to the Plastics from Mean Girls.

Her debut album Pure Heroine is a little more focused, as she and co-writer/producer Joel Little (of New Zealand Punk band Goodnight Nurse) grab inspiration from real life with fantasy to the tune of electro-pop.

Her follow-up single "Tennis Court" is a soulfully synthy anthem with hints of romance but with mounds of wit. The third single "Team" starts out trippy and then erupts into an '80s-style sequence of harmonies about not living the lavish life. Other songs like "Glory And Gore" are dark, but still exhibit some degrees of triumph. "It's clear that someone's gotta go," she sings on the semi-morbid cut. "We mean it but I promise we're not mean."

Then there's "Buzzcut Season," the ethereal love song where she sings "I'd live in a hologram with you." She's just as much pensive as she is punchy on the ten-track offering. Her style is multi-dimensional, with each layer well worth checking out.