So why the name Lorde? Well, she was fascinated with royalty for a long time (having "Royals" as her first single was pretty appropriate). "I used to write out all their family trees and everything!" she told Noisey about her fixation with the "royals." Her press photos include one of her with a dog for royalty's sake.

"I was thinking about royal families, like, Henry VIII, he's always got a little lap dog," she told New York Magazine. "So I thought, 'Oh, that'll be a cool vibe.'" So it only seemed right to create a stage name that was a slant on their naming convention.

"I was looking through a bunch of aristocratic titles, and I liked the word 'lord'—I liked the masculinity of it," she told NPR. "I just put an 'e' on the end to make it feminine, because I thought that juxtaposition was kind of cool."

Hopefully the copycats keep the royalty names to a minimum now that the real Lorde has arrived. Sorry Lord Disick.