Despite its being the largest U.S. city with a majority African-American population (more than 82 percent black in the most recent census), many of Detroit's most well-known hip-hop exports have been white rappers. While some are outright clowns, others like Hush and Paradime are earnest protégés of Eminem and Kid Rock. Then there's Rock himself, who resurrected his career in the late 1990s, riding the shotgun marriage of classic rock riffing and redneck riff-raff rapping to multi-platinum success for himself and his crew, which included his sidekick Joe C—who died in 2000 of coeliac disease, the autoimmune system condition that had stunted his growth as a child—and DJ-turned-rapper Uncle Kracker.

Kid Rock "I Wanna Go Back" (1996)
Kid Rock f/ Joe C. & Tino "Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp" (1996)
Kid Rock f/ Joe C "Kyle's Mom Is a Big Fat Bitch" (1999)
Uncle Kracker "Better Days" (2000)
Hush f/ Nate Dogg "Hush Is Coming" (2005)
Paradime "Better Days" (2004)