Long before he was the poor man's Bob Seger, Kid Rock was a teenage breakdancer, DJ, and rapper with the Beast Crew (along with Champtown and The Blackman) who signed a solo deal with Jive Records at age 17. Despite selling 100,000 copies of his debut album, his career tanked in the wake of the post-Vanilla Ice backlash against white MCs, and he'd already been dropped by Jive before he achieved his greatest pre-rap-rock notoriety: in 1993, WSUC-FM at SUNY-Cortland was fined $23,750 for playing Kid's profanity-laced ode to cunnilingus "Yo-Da-Lin In the Valley," the FCC's largest-ever penalty against a college radio station at the time.

The Beast Crew "Got Drawls" 1990
Kid Rock "Yo-Da-Lin In the Valley" (1990)