Production-wise, Detroit hip-hop can be divided into two eras, BJ (Before Jay Dee) and AD (After Dilla). The late James Yancey blazed a trail over his too-short life, impressively raising the artistic level of beat-making during his stints in the groups 1st Down and Slum Village, his productions for the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, Erykah Badu, and Common (as well as with local MCs like Phat Kat and Frank-N-Dank), and his later solo work.

1st Down "A Day Wit the Homiez" (1995)
Slum Village "Forth & Back (Rock Music)" (1997)
J Dilla "Featuring Phat Kat" (2001)
Frank-N-Dank f/ Tammy Lucas "Ma Dukes" (2003)
J Dilla f/ The Roots "Workinonit" (2006)