This might be the cutest EDM-related story we've seen this week. Calgary, Alberta's own Dariu5 Deadmau5, who might be known better by his Twitter account @Draw4Deadmau5, has a mission: He wants to see deadmau5, and plans on drawing one deadmau5 picture a day until he gets to see his idol. He's hoping to see him in Edmonton on December 28, and his dad runs his Twitter account. While it only started on October 14, we've already seen nine pictures that he's done, which consist of him worked different themes into the famed mau5head. The best part? deadmau5 has seen this and is definitely a fan. You can check out deadmau5's love below, and the pictures that Dariu5 has posted up above. DAD's hoping that he makes it to Edmonton in December to see deadmau5.

(EDM Sauce)