This was an interesting back and forth to wake up to. When we showed you reactions from DJs regarding the 2013 DJ Mag Top 100 DJs results, we included a link to DJ Yoda's own personal list. We didn't expect him to get into a Twitter debate with DJ Mag's music editor Adam Saville, who ended up reading his list and had some things to say about it, including wondering why he was (only) ranked at #20. A discussion ensued that everyone questioning the list should take a look at. Saville's basic claim is that the list is voted on by the public, so anyone knocking DJ Mag is effectively wrong, whereas Yoda says that if the list is based on which DJs canvas for votes the best, it's ultimately a fail. Both sides definitely have points, and even if DJ Mag follows the list up with a "DJ Mag Choice" shortlist, we imagine many people don't even read that list.

The fact of the matter is, if the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs list is broke, its in need of fixing, and defending it as a "public-voted" thing doesn't repair the credibility lost with the list. Interesting conversation regardless, and who knows? Maybe things will be organized a bit different next year.