Mixtape: Cheez N Dope 2
Producer: Drumma Boy 

This is probably Project Pat's 11th best release or thereabouts, which is only to say that there's nothing game-changing here. But Pat fans should be able to find a few songs in the tracklist to their liking without too much trouble, even if they have to sift through semi-awkward Mac Miller verses to get to it. Let's not kid ourselves about what the real goal here is, anyway: If Juicy J can get a major-label record released in 2013 (and a good one at that), a Project Pat record in 2014 would be even better. Cross your fingers and go out and buy 10 copies of Stay Trippy in support.

On the tape, "Where The Fuck" has the strongest visceral heft of anything on the record, and so is highlighted here. However, also worth checking out: "Dick Eatin Dog," which is the most "Project Pat" Project Pat song in recent memory; "Weed Smoke" just to hear Mac Miller on his Make-A-Wish collaboration steez; "Don't Fuck Wit Me," a great gangster noir; "Ridin' Drakin' Smokin' Thankin'," which goes for the breezy late-period Three-6 soul sample feel; "I Wonder," which is about wondering whose dick your girl is riding while you sit behind bars; And "Gas," which inspired the high point of Complex history, 12 Fart Rap Anthems.