"Fix You" by Coldplay is a tearjerker of a song. It is gut-wrenching and emotional, down to a visceral core that strikes chords in even the coldest of players. I am the opposite of that, and whenever I need a really good cry, or some motivation, whenever I am feeling broken, this is the track I listen to on repeat.

I am the girl in the song in so many ways.

It is a perfect song, and if someone told me yesterday that a producer was going to remix it as a melodic dubstep track, playing with the melody and vocals, teetering even one nanosecond of this stunning composition, I would have told them to fuck off.

Then I heard Collin McLoughlin's remix.

I am utterly speechless, and hesitant to admit this, but I may even like the remix better than the original. Something about the stretching and chopping of the vocals, and the chill vibe of this track inject feels deeper than I ever felt for the original song. It's an original in and of itself, and so is Mr. McLoughlin.

He is an unsigned artist currently residing in New York, New York, and a pot of gold at the other end of a rainbow that record labels are sleeping through. A double rainbow, in fact. By artist, I mean he is a singer, writer and producer, using his own vocals on original tracks that are simply magnificent.

Don't sleep on this dude too. You will be sorry.

I love what he has to say about this track:

"In the spirit of my recent trend, I'm releasing my rework of Coldplay's "Fix You," which is perhaps my favorite track from their entire X&Y Album.  I have always been inspired by Chris Martin's vocals on this track, and only recently felt my production ability was capable of making something that could convey the emotion I felt necessary for a remix."

Collin's Tears of Tempo EP is currently available on iTunes.