'90s house music fans, only you will probably get this. Boysnoize Records has just announced that the label's cream of the crop have been working on a compilation album paying tribute to the jackin' booty house sound curated by Chicago's Dance Mania Records back in the '80s and '90s.The album, set for release November 25th, will feature 14 brand new originals from Boys Noize, SCNTST, DJ Feadz, Strip Steve, Bok Bok, Tom Trago, Harvard Bass, Housemeister, the Dance Mania boss himself DJ Funk as well as more friends of the BNR crew.

Alex Ridha, aka Boys Noize, had this to say on the inspiration for the album: “Many 12"s from DJ Funk, DJ Deeon or Paul Johnson that were produced in the middle of the 90s still work so well in any club environment. The idea of simple, jackin' booty house records to use as tools, more or less, have always been timeless weapons in many DJ sets.” Fans of Dance Mania should also be gearing up for the huge Dance Mania retrospective compilation set to drop in January of next year.

Boysnoize Records presents: Tribute To Dance Mania Tracklist:

1. Feadz – Go On Girl
2. Strip Steve – Bust Your Shit
3. Bart B More - Bounce
4. DJ Scholar – Simple Mane
5. Rynecologist – B.A.N. (Bust A Nut)
6. SCNTST – Change Dat Tape
7. DJ Funk – High Frequency
8. Boys Noize & Housemeister – 1988
9. Harvard Bass & Pilo – Twerk Talk
10. Audionite – Trax-O-Matic
11. Bok Bok & Tom Trago – Silent G Safari
12. Pipes – Double Staxxx
13. BS1 – Whistle Jack

A1. Feadz – Go On Girl
A2. Strip Steve – Bust Your Shit
A3. Bart B More - Bounce

B1. SCNTST – Change Dat Tape
B2. Rynecologist – B.A.N. (Bust A Nut)
B3. Bok Bok & Tom Trago – Silent G Safari

C1. Boys Noize & Housemeister - 1988
C2. DJ Scholar – Simple Mane
C3. Harvard Bass & Pilo – Twerk Talk

D1. Audionite – Trax-O-Matic
D2. BS1 – Whistle Jack
D3. Pipes – Double Staxxx