From: Poland
Has Produced For: Chief Keef
Twitter: @YoungRavisu
Signature Beat: Chief Keef "Citgo" (2012)

Polish producer Young Ravisu's stroke of luck came last year after Chief Keef, on the hunt for beats for his then-unreleased debut album, searched "Finally Rich type beat" on Youtube and stumbled across Ravisu's personal channel. The beat Keef heard quickly became the beloved Finally Rich bonus track "Citgo," a bit of retro-futurist proto-ambient music that, like the rest of Ravisu's body of work, brings early electronic music sensibilities to a trap setting to create a package both vaguely familiar and relatively unprecedented. He told us earlier this year that he's getting offers to produce for more acts and he dreams of moving to L.A. We hope he does not just to hear his beats but to read his endearingly entertaining interviews.