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Earl Sweatshirt

From: Los Angeles, Calif.
Has Produced For: Mac Miller, Earl Sweatshirt, Kilo Kish
Twitter: @earlxsweat
Signature Beat: Earl Sweatshirt f/ Domo Genesis "20 Wave Caps" (2013)

When Earl Sweatshirt returned to hip-hop last year he came back not only as a rapper, but as a producer. Much of his major label debut Doris was self-produced, sometimes with help from friends. The jazzy, punchdrunk boom bap of "523" is all Earl, and the delicate, droning "Guild" is too. Earl also contributed beats to Mac Miller's Watching Movies with the Sound Off, pursuing a variant of the sparsely melodic but texturally fascinating work originally offered by his buddy Tyler, the Creator.

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