Wise Up Ghost is the fullest fruition yet of the inspired idea to have The Roots become the house band on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon when the show launched in 2009. A collaborative work between the butter-smooth, always-in-the-pocket Philladelphian hip-hop octet and the 59-year-old British rock-n-roll troubadour Elvis Costello was seeded by a March, 2012 performance on the show. It's an odd, counter-intuitive pairing, but it works. Questlove and co. provide a tight, taut, tension-thick accompaniment for Costello's grizzled crooning. The surprisingly satisfying result has the vibe of a spy movie set in swinging '60s London. And it proves, as well as anything in recent memory, that The Roots are one of the most aptly named bands ever. They spread out, wide and deep, and provide a twisted, gnarled anchor, from which a vast musical ecosystem—lush, multihued, healthily cross-pollinated—stems. —Dave Bry