Last night, the Miami edition of the Red Bull Music Academy's Culture Clash went down, pitting teams representing Slow Roast Records, Moombahton Massive, Black Chiney / Eccentrix Sound, and BassHead Music. From the looks of the pictures up above, things got heated, and there were some exciting special guests brought out. The event was hosted by Pepe Billete, but he was not the only sensation who made appearances. Black Chiney / Eccentrix brought out Diplo & Walshy Fire and Serani, while Basshead brought out Florida legends like Trick Daddy. Noreaga and JT Money were featured by Slow Roast, while the Moombahton Massive had a grip of Caribbean drummers, brass instrumentalists, and vocalists for their set. At the end of the night, Miami crew BassHead Music ended up taking the crown. Juan BassHead had the following to say about winning the event: "I am a huge fan of the crews. I had hopes of winning, and I'm ecstatic we did because of the amount of love and respect and admiration we have for the other crews. If people think we are on the same level as them, that is unbelievable to me." Check out the various clips we have for the event down below.