For whatever reason, there's always some weird misconstrued notion that dubstep is automatically a future take on the reggae and dub styles of yesteryear. You can almost spot a "newbie" in the 140BPM land if they spout off this incorrect notion. Zomby, a producer who has his eccentricities and does not leave anything up to chance, especially when he gets riled up, took to Twitter earlier today to break down the origins of dubstep, just in case you've not been listening. Producers who work in that realm will no doubt agree with the history lesson, which finds Zomby giving away gems like dubstep being "a science when mastered," among other brilliant facts and ideas. Truly, Zomby's a producer you need to be following on Twitter anyways, as he's never been short for entertainment, and honesty. Check out his history lesson up above, and if you needed some audio to go with them, check out Hatcha and Kode 9's back-to-back "history of dubstep" mix.