Date: September 22

As Uncle Snoop once noted, "Da game is to be sold, not to be told." But with his CRWN series Uncle Elliott Wilson has found a way to doth both. All the $20 tickets were gone by the time Drizzy and YN took the stage at NYU's Skirball Center to do the hip-hop version of The Actor's Studio. (Sidebar: James Lipton was once a pimp. Can't knock the hustle.) If you follow Elliott on Twitter (and who doesn't?) you already know how bueno this interview session was. You also might be wondering when Elliott has time to prepare for these interviews. The secret seems to be to laugh (a lot) and keep magnums of rose champage handy to get everybody's mind right. (What Drake did not drink himself he distributed to somebody's mom in the front row.)

The best part of the interview had to be Drizzy's carefully worded back-handed compliments toward Kendrick Lamar. He managed to walk the tightrope of acknowledging the brilliance of K-Dot's "Control" verse ("Complex and RapRadar will give it, like, verse of the millennium and all that shit or whatever") and praising him for the fact that the verse had "no malice behind it," while still criticizing Kendrick for not having more malice behind him at the same damn time. Pass the rosé! —Rob Kenner

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